Sunny Day

It’s a sunny day and I’m sat in the office, it’s lunch time and I’m doing some research into Content Curation.  Funny I didn’t even know such a thing existed a week ago. And 3 weeks before that I’d never heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Makes me feel old, this stuff that there is so much information about and yet I’d no idea it existed. OK, so why am I interested in either? Well it’s nothing to do with wanting more people to read the nonsense I write here – and I’ve been extremely absent over the last couple of year – but there’s been a lot of sh*t going on – all connected to that ex-wife I mentioned. Well she isn’t quite my ex-wife. Got served divorce papers  last week – in the middle of my office!. Someone accidently let this person into our office who was looking for me and wham! “You’re served”. I was like, what the f….? Of course when I read them I was delighted – Saves me $200. My partner and I were delighted! Anyway the Ex-wife/child/courts saga continues and I guess it will until my daughter is 16, or maybe when she finishes university – if she goes that way, she’s bright, bubbly, operates at 200 mph but is away wit the fairies most of the time so we’ll wait and see.

Anyway, what was I talking about…. content curation yes. My partner and I have started a little business and have a website, and the clever people in the internet say you’ll get 72% more traffic if you have a blog on your website, ok I think. But I don’t have time or the wit to be writing war & peace every day or so to ensure we get lots of visitors. And then I see something called content curation!! So now I can steal the stuff other people have got the time to write and put it on my businesses webpage and people will read it think its great and buy what I’m selling – piece of cake!!

so I’m finding out what I need to do (and it looks like download some software) and where I can get it from for nothing, I don’t like paying for anything if at all possible!

Wish me luck and I will take any advice anyone has to offer!!!!


Still Smoking!

Well, my trying to give up smoking didn’t work, I’m still on the fags. On the good side my other half has been trying – well she isn’t smoking such that the kids would know about it. So that at least means she isn’t smoking so much. Its hard, especially when you’re at work and bored shitless, what else is there to break the boredom but go for a smoke!

Giving up smoking, really?

Given the content of my previous post maybe now isn’t a good time to be trying to give up smoking but hey when is a good time. I’ve been smoking for 40 years but it’s got to be so expensive and of course I’ve got a young daughter who no doubt would be pretty pissed off if daddy dropped dead from lung cancer or a heart attack.

But I’ve bitten the bullet and on the weekend just gone I broke open the patches and the lozenges and made a start.  Whilst I’ve been stumbling (mainly because my partner is struggling worse than me) I’m amazed at how easy it’s been, not piss easy but certainly do-able. OK, I’m only on day 3 but I’m feeling pretty good.

The patches have brought me out in welts – allergic reaction to the bloody glue I expect and the lozenges  taste like what I imagine a pub ashtray would taste like – if you could smoke in a pub that is (ahhh, the good old days).  I can remember being able to smoke on planes and trains – back in the good old days again!

So lozenges are taken with a strong mint, and I need to keep needing to find new places to stick the bloody patches.

I’m trying not to be smug about doing better than the other half. She is of course amazed (and slightly annoyed I think) that I’ve not thrown my toys out of the pram and started chain smoking!!!!!

If I keep it up I’ll come back to this.

My Ex-wife to be….

My Ex-wife to be is a right pain in the arse. We are still fighting through lawyers and the courts about how much time I should have our daughter  in my care.  I’ve just managed to get it up to 6 nights out of 14. I’m trying to get 50/50 of course. Why wouldn’t I, she is my daughter also after all.  I always thought that all the people with important opinions to express, i.e. the experts, say a child is best served by being equally influenced by two parents. Traditionally this has been a mother and a father.  Why does it seem that I as a father am of less value to my daughter than her mother? We’re not the same true but if I was ignoring my child’s upbringing if we were still together wouldn’t society look sideways at that and think ‘yeah, he does really take an interest in his kid’.

I can only say thank Christ I don’t live in the UK or I’d really be fucked.